Fireplace stoves IVA with a hot-water exchanger


13.800,00 CZK

The IVA fireplace stove is designed for heating and cooking at the weekend houses and smaller households. A hot plate having dimensions of 30 x 40 cm can be used for cooking or warming the dishes in the course of operation of the stoves. The stove consists of double jacket, welded from iron plates whereas the combustion air is conducted backwards. The side jacket is made of ceramic tiles. The fireplace stove can be complemented with hot-water exchanger having the capacity of 4 kW.

Total capacity10 kW
Capacity of hot-water exchanger4 kW
Hot-air capacity6 kW
Drain smokebackwards
Hot plate300 x 400 mm
Height800 mm
Width385 mm
Depth450 mm
Area glazier190 x 300 mm
Weight90 kg
Entry, exit of hot-water exchangerthroat G1
Fireplace stoves IVA with a hot-water exchanger

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